Free Half-life 2 Deathmatch

There is one negative of steam:  Individual packages can be cut up even further.

When Half-life 1 launched: any mod of it was freely available.  Now: TFC and Counter-strike are considered separate packages.  Half-life 2’s Deathmatch is actually a separate component from HL2, and was not included with Orange Box.

However, owners of Nvidia or ATI graphics cards can download HL2’s deathmatch (and Lost Coast) for free.

Thanks, Cheapassgamer

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go buy: Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Gamefly just threw up this deal for Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 for $24 with free shipping (and I believe no tax).  You probably won’t find this cheaper, and I’ve had pretty good luck with gamefly.  It’s used, and if you ever do get a bad disc you can apparently just send it back for replacement.

I haven’t had to do that yet.  And they come with box and instruction manual.

…and to think I paid full price for mine, and I haven’t even gotten through R6V1 yet…

Who else already owns this?

Diablo 2 – Step 1. Owning it

Diablo 2 – Step 1. Owning it

Alright, today’s Amazon deal of the hour is Diablo 2 battlechest for 27 bucks.  Not a GREAT deal ( has it for $30), but amazon is tax-less and ships free.

Boramis also found a deal where you can buy used keys for about $6, then use them on blizzard’s site to get the media (Download to replace scratched cds).  Certainly way cheaper.

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