Hey. This guy hates drm, too.

I agree with most of this article.


  • Steam is pretty awesome, but eventually any server will have to shut down.
  • I can’t imagine any modern publisher supporting any of the retro games I still wish to play.
  • Pirates don’t have to deal with any of this.

Solution-wise: there will always be pirate cracks out there to try and enjoy these games long after their activation servers have gone down.  There may even be distros like GoG.com or Steam’s recent revival of indie and old games.  But the point is: I shouldn’t have to crack or rebuy the game in order to play it.  As the author puts it: All of my old cd based games like Baldur’s Gate that don’t require an online activation will always work.  Throw together a VM or old computer, and you are good to go.  Fans make patches to get games installed and running on modern systems.

What we buy today may not.

Steam weekend deal: Heroes of Might and Magic clash with Zeno Clash

steamWD mightMagic VS. steamWD clash

This weekend sees some pretty good games get decent discounts: Heroes of Might and Magic V + Expansions, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, and Zeno Clash.  You can pick them up individually, or in packs.  It looks like it may be cheaper to pick up Dark Messiah and the HM&M5 pack separately, rather than together in a single pack.

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Bruce Campbell lands on Steam

steam Tachyon

Famed actor Bruce Campbell has also voice acted for a few games here and there.

Tachyon: The Fringe has just landed on Steam, where Bruce voices the main character.


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Steam weekend deal: The Orange Box

Whooooa.  Alright, now this is a great deal.  If you can read this, then you should probably pick this up.  The Orange Box is currently on sale for $10.  Yes, for half the price of TF2, you get TF2 + The rest of the Orange Box including Portal.  The only people exempt from the previous statement are those who already own the Orange Box for PC.  Here’s the breakdown:

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Steam weekend deal: Peggle!


This week it Steam offers the Peggle Deluxe and Peggle Nights pack.  Each game individually is normally $10.  The $20 pack is available for half off: $10.  I highly recommend trying the Peggle demo.  The presentation and music are great fun, even if the gameplay mechanics feel entirely random:

Pachinko, ftw.

Steam weekend deal: Ubisoft classic pack


This week it Steam offers the Ubisoft classic pack.  Each game individually is normally $10, and it looks like they teamed these 4 together for a limited time.  The Ubisoft classic Pack includes:

Classic status may be a large label to put on some of these games, but there is hardly a weak link in the bunch.  3 of the games are highly regarded and rated, and most people *wanted* to like Dark Messiah, they just found it too buggy.

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UT3: Big Patch, Free Weekend, and $12

That’s right, after UT3’s abysmal launch, Epic has come back to support it.  The Titan patch finally landed:


UT3’s retail copy key can be input into Steam to activate it as a Steam game (or not, but you get Steam Achievements if you do).  Steam is hosting a free weekend of UT3 play to celebrate the launch, and the game is 40% off ($20 to $12) during this duration as well.  I definitely recommend installing the free trial and seeing if the game runs.  Unreal Tournament is always a great game to play, and have, for LANs.

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Steam Weekend Deal: Greatest Indie Pack


Steam is known for having great weekend deals.  This week it is the Greatest Indie Pack for $10 (75% off).  The Greatest Indie Pack includes:

Together, for $10, is a great deal on these games.  Eets is a great puzzle game (also available for the xbox 360), and Multiwinia is a multiplayer version of Darwinia.  Trials 2 is a very frustrating (but fun) 2d motorcycle game involving the arrow keys and physics-based stunts.

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Left 4 Dead Sale extended.

I intended to post about this earlier this weekend, but ended up just telling specific people.  Now that it’s extended, I guess it’s time for an overall announcement.

Left 4 Dead is one of the best multiplayer games.  It is fun with any number of players, from 2-8.  The PC version will have Mod support coming this Spring/Summer and is currently on sale for $25.

Quick Review

Since this game will probably not drop below $20 for at least a couple years, this is about as cheap as you would ever be able to get it.  If you intend to own a PC capable of playing this game in the next 1-2 years (which, should be everyone assuming a 4 year turnaround on computers running an OS that isn’t linux), then you have little reason not to pick this up.

Unless you hate fun.  Or don’t have $25.



Free Half-life 2 Deathmatch

There is one negative of steam:  Individual packages can be cut up even further.

When Half-life 1 launched: any mod of it was freely available.  Now: TFC and Counter-strike are considered separate packages.  Half-life 2’s Deathmatch is actually a separate component from HL2, and was not included with Orange Box.

However, owners of Nvidia or ATI graphics cards can download HL2’s deathmatch (and Lost Coast) for free.



Thanks, Cheapassgamer

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