Free Half-life 2 Deathmatch

There is one negative of steam:  Individual packages can be cut up even further.

When Half-life 1 launched: any mod of it was freely available.  Now: TFC and Counter-strike are considered separate packages.  Half-life 2’s Deathmatch is actually a separate component from HL2, and was not included with Orange Box.

However, owners of Nvidia or ATI graphics cards can download HL2’s deathmatch (and Lost Coast) for free.

Thanks, Cheapassgamer

Specifically, thanks hypnotize191

2 thoughts on “Free Half-life 2 Deathmatch

  1. How can anyone not have Lost Coast already? It was included in both Episode 1 and Orange Box. Are there really people out there who want to play that but have never played Episode 1?

    As for deathmatch, I’ve never played it. Does it still have an active community? Seems like Including TF2 and not it in Orange Box was Valve’s admission that no one cared about HL2 deathmatch.

  2. Perhaps, but there are quite a few steam users who actually started with just TF2 or Left4Dead. Adding HL2 DM as another LAN night option would be both fun and beneficial.

    TF2 and L4D are *great* games, but they aren’t good old classic deathmatching.

    Also, valve adding TF2 into Orange is Valve’s saying: “opps. we know we said it was originally the multiplayer mode of HL1, then we said we’d patch it in later, then we said we’d give it out as a paid expansion, then we said it would be a paid standalone (all while HL1 is out), then we went silent a LONG time, and then we announced it again, then we put it in Orange Box”.

    Lost Coast is just a freebie to see if you system runs the game with HDR lighting well.

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