Six games that everyone should play, and can.

Here is an article I ran across awhile back.  It picks out 6 retro games that can run on nearly any PC (or even emulated on Linux or Mac).  Just about every title here is a classic.

Go check it out.

5 thoughts on “Six games that everyone should play, and can.

  1. We did. This is someone else saying it, plus he includes some other games even I’m guilty of.

    I never managed to beat Deus Ex. Got stuck fighting a turret I couldn’t hack down a long hallway. And I refused to look up the guide.

  2. I never beat Deus Ex either, though I think I got pretty far. There’s someone in an airplane that it’s obvious you have to kill and they kicked the crap out of me. I was very disappointed I couldn’t stab them in the back to kill them, unlike every other character in the damn game…

  3. Ah, the classics. It’s a good list, but I think everyone has their own list of classics that they think everyone should play (Star Control and Xcom (which Phokal was generous enough to get me new copies of) would be on my list).

    I never played Deus Ex, but I picked up Deus Ex 2, because, well, 2 is bigger than one and must be better.

    I never really got into it.

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