go buy: Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Gamefly just threw up this deal for Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 for $24 with free shipping (and I believe no tax).  You probably won’t find this cheaper, and I’ve had pretty good luck with gamefly.  It’s used, and if you ever do get a bad disc you can apparently just send it back for replacement.

I haven’t had to do that yet.  And they come with box and instruction manual.


…and to think I paid full price for mine, and I haven’t even gotten through R6V1 yet…

Who else already owns this?

Don’t tell me the ending to: Rainbow Six Vegas

Rainbow Six: Vegas is a solid example of a good, squad based FPS.  It combines excellent teammate AI with deadly enemies, turning you from gung-ho hero into a team member.  You are a part of this team and in many cases *you* are the weak link.  This is a very different feel from your average FPS, where you can run out and do anything.

It is also very different from simply playing on a high difficulty.  Being killed easily here is not the same as a cheapshot from a random soldier who only shoots at you on COD4’s Veteran difficulty.  It is because your tactics fell apart and you were flanked (similar to the excellent Brothers in Arms series).

Let’s not mess with a bad thing: compliment sandwich time. Continue reading

Buy?: Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Osama Bin Ladin - Leader of Iraq- err,..something

Buy?: Rainbow Six Vegas 2

I was initially going to fully endorse everyone buy this game. But, from what I’ve seen we may want to hold off. The primary reason initially was Terrorist Hunt was (I thought) going to have a higher player cap. With a max of 4 players, this isn’t the co-op heaven I thought it would be for our larger-than-4-players pLayday group. Adversial, I’m sure, is still great fun, but $60 fun for all of us? I’m thinking CoD4 may be the better purchase (especially since it can be found for only $40 most of the time).

If I crack open R6V2 and find it supports splitscreen AND online at the same time (R6V1 did not, CoD4 does not), then maybe I’ll push it a bit harder. Until then, hold off unless you just want to play it with some friends (like me…you can play with me. I still own it.) since it probably won’t become the pLayday staple I was hoping for.

Organizing pLayday

Red Team

Organizing pLayday

I want to organize a day of the week where we all attempt to get online Xb Live and play a game. Instead of leaving it to chance, we make an effort to log on a particular day and play together in a game we all have.

I can even post ideas for the game here ahead of time (map or gametype preferences can be expressed in comments).

I have been gathering potential days from everyone, and so far the best day looks like Tuesday.