Buy?: Rainbow Six Vegas 2

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Buy?: Rainbow Six Vegas 2

I was initially going to fully endorse everyone buy this game. But, from what I’ve seen we may want to hold off. The primary reason initially was Terrorist Hunt was (I thought) going to have a higher player cap. With a max of 4 players, this isn’t the co-op heaven I thought it would be for our larger-than-4-players pLayday group. Adversial, I’m sure, is still great fun, but $60 fun for all of us? I’m thinking CoD4 may be the better purchase (especially since it can be found for only $40 most of the time).

If I crack open R6V2 and find it supports splitscreen AND online at the same time (R6V1 did not, CoD4 does not), then maybe I’ll push it a bit harder. Until then, hold off unless you just want to play it with some friends (like me…you can play with me. I still own it.) since it probably won’t become the pLayday staple I was hoping for.

5 thoughts on “Buy?: Rainbow Six Vegas 2

  1. i can’t decide whether or not to pick this game up. i was deciding between rainbow and condemned 2, and ended up going with condemned 2. mostly because i’m afraid that COD4 might do everything better than rainbow, and that i would never end up playing it. but strangely enough, its starting to look like bioshock does “condemned” better than condemned 2 does “condemned”. if that makes any sense.

  2. I have only played condemned 1 a little bit, but I felt a lot more anxiety playing it rather than the “raining every type of ammo and money all the time” Bioshock game. I thought that Condemned 1 set a better creepy mood.

    I don’t know about condmned 2, but will probably sneak into Aaron’s house and play his copy.

  3. yeah, i’m actually liking it more now that i’m getting used to the controls. the combo system is a must-learn thing, and i didn’t realize that at first, but now things are going a lot smoother. and you’re definitely right about the creepy feeling. i never played the first one, but in condemned 2, there were a few parts that made me want to look over my shoulder or something.

  4. I don’t actually own Condemned 2, yet. I need to play through 1 first (and about a bazillion other games on the Queue).

    No prob about the hijack. Detnap should make a new post about condemned 2, or scary games.

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