pLayday: 3/25 – Halo 3 for real this time

H3 Standoff Map

pLayday: 3/25 – Halo 3  for real this time

Alright, so we pretty much ALL missed last week’s pLayday. Poor Boramis was the only one around. Last week, my idea was to have a homework assignment: to make a Custom Game type. Well, I’ve been ridiculously busy this past week, so the assignment is different. Instead: Download the soon to be free Heroic Map Pack.

That’s right, by the time you read this tomorrow, the Heroic Map Pack will be available online for free. 3 new maps: 1 of which is like a small, re-imagined blood gultch (if you’ve played Halo 1 or 2, it was on THIS map), one is an ultra customizable mod tool that isn’t bad on its own,…and I think the 3rd just sucks. But we’ll find out! All of us! Because we were too cheap to spend $10 on 3 new maps (which…really,…that’s way too much).

Griffball (from the Red Vs Blue guys) looks fun. Perhaps we’ll give that a shot later once one of us has it set up. For now, just be sure to download the new pack as it’ll be in standard rotation and we all want to play on the new maps.

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