go buy: Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Gamefly just threw up this deal for Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 for $24 with free shipping (and I believe no tax).  You probably won’t find this cheaper, and I’ve had pretty good luck with gamefly.  It’s used, and if you ever do get a bad disc you can apparently just send it back for replacement.

I haven’t had to do that yet.  And they come with box and instruction manual.


…and to think I paid full price for mine, and I haven’t even gotten through R6V1 yet…

Who else already owns this?

4 thoughts on “go buy: Rainbow Six Vegas 2

  1. $25 price tag has sparked my interest. i did enjoy the demo of the first rainbow, but never got around to playing that or the new one, despite recommendations from a lot of people.

  2. go read my “dont tell me the ending” on the first one.

    basic gameplay: send your two guys ahead of you in the hallway or room. triggers enemies. they shoot nearly everyone. you help pick people off.
    If you send them in someplace a bit too hot, they’ll go down and you have to rez them.

    that. or you could do the whole simultaneous room clear. but that exposes YOU to danger :P

    multiplayer is a blast, though as with most games some pro players will totally own you.

    r6v2 has a central character (single/multi) that you level up whether playing single/multiplayer. I find that neat. Problem is he gets an exp boost if it detects a game clear save….so i haven’t put the disc in yet. must. beat. r6v1. to get exp boost….

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