I rolled the dice for: Rail Baron

Rail Baron is a board game from 1977.  It plays similar to a monopoly with multiple paths where at the end of each die-determined destination, the player can choose to then buy any route.  Any route not owned by a player costs $1k to use, any player route costs $5k.  Once all the routes have been purchased it bumps up to $10k.

Quick debt follows.

This is a pretty fun, if mostly luck driven, game.  Owning a monopoly to an area of the board is *very* useful, but if no one rolls there then it is useless.  The game also takes a LONG time to play through, so I recommend having a good group of people you can have a fun conversation with at the same time.  Since there isn’t as much strategy, you can’t really whittle away the hours simply starring at the board.  Like Monopoly, it is a social game.

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