pLayday: 7/8 – Coop We'll see who co …

pLayday: 7/8 – Coop

We’ll see who comes today. If it is a low number like the last two times, then we may be able to do some Halo achievement hunting, co-op campaign with scoring, gta co-op.
I’m thinking next week, or the week after, we should shoot for some Diablo 2 co-op (up to 8 players). Who’d be interested in that? The battlechest goes on sale for $20. Is it available for that anywhere this week?

6 thoughts on “pLayday: 7/8 – Coop We'll see who co …

  1. i want my 360 back :(

    i finished MGS4, but can’t bring myself to start resistance knowing that i’ll have to return my brother’s ps3 in another week and half. COD4 doesn’t feel right on a PS3 controller (yep, blaming my suck on the controller), and all i’ve been doing is playing the skate demo over and over and over. serious withdrawals here.

  2. Hey, I’ve been looking into a PC solution for pLayday as well. Do you have steam (DoD:s for $5 through tomorrow)?

    Also, we may be getting a Diablo 2 game together.

    And I’d be up for MGS4 Multiplayer. It’s quite fun once you actually get into it.

  3. i’ve got steam and TF2 on my work computer (they brought back wednesday game night, even bought TF2 for all of us), but my laptop has less than a gig of space left on it, so i can’t really put anything on it.

    however, i still haven’t tried the MGS4 mp yet, so i’d definitely be up to try it out some time. i’ve also been meaning to try warhawk, which i got as part of the trade as well, so let me know if you want to try either of those. i’m using my own PSN ID now, Hintzilla.

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