Avoid Left 4 Dead 2 Dedicated Servers. They are broken.

As of the launch, and a few days later, Left 4 Dead 2 dedicated servers are broken.  I have had repeated attempts to play with friends ruined by the matchmaking system placing us in a dedicated server that gave us all 1 bar of red lag.  The system is supposed to choose someone as a host in these cases, but this matchmaking logic is not triggering.  From the Pre-Match game setup screen, you can edit the servers options to look for a dedicated server (and fall back on local hosting), or skip looking for a dedicated server and simply use a Local Host.  By picking this option, I am able to easily host 4 player coop sessions of Xbox Live.

I’ll be testing L4D2 versus later.

For now, feel free to try to search for a dedicated server, but do not be surprised if you need to Vote to Return to Lobby, and manually switch to a Local Host to have a playable experience.