pLayday: 2/19 – Burnout Paradise


With a dirt cheap price and new content on the way, Burnout Paradise is an easy recommendation to pick up for pLayday.  New copies can be had for $20, though are difficult to find due to it selling out at most retail stores.

There is a very large patch (a bit over a gig) called the 1.6 patch that is needed to play online.  Be sure to put your disc in nice and early right after work so that this evening your system is up to date before 9pm.

See my previous coverage on the awesome car pack from 80’s movies here.

Burnout Paradise also has extensive Xbox Live Vision Cam support, so it is recommended to dust off your camera and make sure it is in focus.

6 thoughts on “pLayday: 2/19 – Burnout Paradise

  1. also, theres a 1.7 update as of today that is supposed to help with adding in the legendary car pack. i’m not sure how big it is, or if it does much besides prepare for the new cars.

    see you guys tonight, i’ll be the guy in the ecto-1 knock-off.

  2. well, crap. Matt got the patch on both of the 360s, so I don’t remember if they are cumulative or sequential. I hope 1.7 appends on to the end of 1.6 or we all of a big download ahead of us ;)

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