PuzzleQuest for the iPhone soon complete and now cheaper


PuzzleQuest for the iPhone launched for $10 and promised to be the first of 3 chapters.  It was the first half of the initial release of PuzzleQuest, followed by the second half, and then the console-only Expansion.  Each to be priced.

Recently, it has been announced that the second half will be a free update, as may be reflected in the name change from PuzzleQuest: Chapter 1 to PuzzleQuest.  The price has also been reduced (sale?) to $8 from $10.

There were technical issues with the initial release, and some still complain about the font, but there is now a Free demo available to test this with.

For $8, the original PuzzleQuest, on the go on my phone, will be purchased again.

If only I had a WiFi connection right now…

Thanks, Cheapassgamer.

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