WordPress Mobile Upgrade


WordPress.com has added a Mobile page when viewed from a Mobile device.

I highly recommend checking it out. It’s very slick, automatic, and based on what type of device you use.

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Is Verizon finally going on the offensive?

I was a loyal Verizon customer for years.  They always get the best ratings for network, customer service, and have the best Network Maps.  However, their phone selection has always been incredibly poor.  My Razr was one of the best phones they offered and it was locked down.  I couldn’t set a custom Ringtone unless I bought it through the Verizon Store, unlike other carrier’s Razrs.  I couldn’t run .jre apps, only the limited Verizon proprietary game store. I couldn’t customize any of the options other carriers let their Razrs change.  VERIZON WIRELESS was plastered over every screen.

AT&T is their main competitor and the only reason anyone goes with AT&T is the iPhone.  Their Cellular and Customer Service are generally ranked as either low or poor in comparison.  When my Verizon contract expired a year and a half ago, I wanted to stay with the Verizon network; I went to the store and asked: “What do you have that competes with the iPhone?”
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Assassin's Creed for iPhone demo impressions

The first thing you are greated to is a cg cinematic when you play the regular version of Assassin’s Creed. When you load the iPhone version you are greeted to a movie of the regular version’s gameplay. Right down to targetting cursors appearing on characters running around the screen.

The gameplay itself is solid; the biggest hurdle is the virtual joystick. Either you will be able to deal with it or it will break the game for you. Try the newly launched demo/free version to test this.

Otherwise it is a nice looking platformer (for a phone game). Though, I did notice my battery drop pretty quick while testing out the demo.

Facebook 3.0 for iPhone 3.0

Here it is:

Facebook 3.0 for iPhone 3.0 almost complete

Check it out. Looks good, but will lack push until 3.1

PuzzleQuest for the iPhone soon complete and now cheaper


PuzzleQuest for the iPhone launched for $10 and promised to be the first of 3 chapters.  It was the first half of the initial release of PuzzleQuest, followed by the second half, and then the console-only Expansion.  Each to be priced.

Recently, it has been announced that the second half will be a free update, as may be reflected in the name change from PuzzleQuest: Chapter 1 to PuzzleQuest.  The price has also been reduced (sale?) to $8 from $10.

There were technical issues with the initial release, and some still complain about the font, but there is now a Free demo available to test this with.

For $8, the original PuzzleQuest, on the go on my phone, will be purchased again.

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I got an iPhone.

I got an iPhone. Expect updates.

My biggest gripe would be a lack of good To Do list and Notes. Both of which have decent DLC solutions, but not as well integrated as the built in contact and calendar support.

Also, while Contacts has built in Address to Map support, Calendar appointments do not.

The is no push protocal for 3rd party apps, yet. So you must log into aim or facebook to see if you have messages waiting.


The touch screen is great. Useful and beautiful.

New apps coming out every week.

It is 3 devices in one, and the whole device is quite small. Phone, PDA, and iPod all in a flat device that easily fits in your pocket.

This post was sent from the iPhone.

HTC Touch. In the Ghetto.


HTC Touch. In the Ghetto.

Finding the perfect phone is an exercises in futility. I was very hesitant on picking up the HTC touch because at the end of the day, it is still a windows mobile 6 phone device. It would be difficult to talk about a smartphone without speaking of the iPhone, which as a device is very cool hardware wise and the software interface is exactly what a phone needs. I want one.

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