I got an iPhone.

I got an iPhone. Expect updates.

My biggest gripe would be a lack of good To Do list and Notes. Both of which have decent DLC solutions, but not as well integrated as the built in contact and calendar support.

Also, while Contacts has built in Address to Map support, Calendar appointments do not.

The is no push protocal for 3rd party apps, yet. So you must log into aim or facebook to see if you have messages waiting.


The touch screen is great. Useful and beautiful.

New apps coming out every week.

It is 3 devices in one, and the whole device is quite small. Phone, PDA, and iPod all in a flat device that easily fits in your pocket.

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5 thoughts on “I got an iPhone.

  1. got mine on 8/13 – it rules faces. first unit was DOA so set up in total took like an hour or an hour and a half. luckily work rules and were toally cool with me hanging out at the apple store.

    last.fm & pandora are awesome but sadly it sounds like they may be sued to oblivion. simplify media is also sweet, but doesn’t seem to want to recognize music outside my iTunes library (my favorite feature). i have checked and participated more in facebook than I ever have due to the facebook app which is awesome.

    making ringtones in garage band is super easy and a bit addictive. charging 99 cents to make a ring tone from song YOU ALREADY PURCHASED if a f’in rip off and stupid, but probably has to do with more legalise than I am prepared to care about.

    a lot of apps were crashing after install. turns out i needed to restart the phone. super weird, but whatever. i feel somebody who wasn’t very tech oriented might just claim the damn thing sucks and is broken.

    gps saved the day once already.

    looking forward to using the yelp and what’s near me apps downtown san francisco to find the cool places to go.

    I wish their text messaging plans had an in between option. 5 for 200 or 15 for 1500? wtf is that. useless to more than i use. awesome.

  2. Yea,… you can also apparently rename the an unprotected (converted from mp3) m4a file to m4r, and drag it into the ringtone or library sections.

    I had the apps crashing problem, too. Reinstalling the app was sometimes necessary as well.

    gps is a life saver for me multiple times. I just wish appointments had a shortcut to Maps. Currently, contacts does, but not appointments (weird).

    yelp is probably prettty useful for you. For me, not as much, but i’ve got it anyway. loopt seems interesting and creepy at the same time. perhaps useful if *all* of your friends went in on it. But otherwise?

    ditto on the text messaging plan. I hope $5 is enough,…but it’s just sooo easy to text now.

    Have a case for yours yet? I’ve been thinking about it, but don’t want to add much bulk.

    Also, I need a damn To Do app. Moleskinny sounds nice for note taking (OpenNote is alright, and free).

  3. I figured the ghetto will chime in here.

    Last month, on donttellmetheending: [fast sequence of cut scenes from my review of HTC touch, xv6900]

    I think the htc touch is okay, but it’s no iphone. They’re like completely different leagues of phones. The iphone is like the Ryu of cell phones, while the xv6900 is the Dan. iPhone:xv6900::Einstein:Bush.

    Windows Mobile phones/pdas have been out for since, forever, but the software ecosystem is complete garbage compared to what’s available and becoming available for the iphone. I blows my mind.

    That being said, I think the windows mobile phone does everything I need it to do, as long as I limit what I need to do.

    Overall, I’m glad there’s a new innovation in the smartphone space because that whole industry had been stagnant for a while. Hopefully, something shakes up and we will have a greater choice of hardware while at the same time having good software to go with it.

  4. I just also wanted to say that my knight in shining armor, the Mobile version of Opera, so far has been a bust. I’m currently using the beta and it’s not thrilling me. Perhaps the final will be better, but it’s still painful to browse an intense site.

  5. I’m guessing that thing will be Android. Half of what i’m trying to do on my iPhone is sync with google calendar and email. contacts, sure, why not?

    a google To Do list would be nice.

    The iPhone can’t run multiple tasks (nothing in the background). So while mobile is annoying when you have to shut stuff down every once in awhile, or reboot, i’m definitely missing that.

    If an app doesn’t save your progress when you quit, you can’t answer phone calls. it’ll erase whatever you were doing.

    I can’t write notes while i’m on the phone with someone.

    Lots of little things, that I hope they fix. Still, it’s a good phone and ipod. Just needs a bit of spit and shine for the pda part to be really amazing. And most people don’t even need that part.

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