TF2 Free Weekend – Aug 22-24

TF2 Free Weekend – Aug 22-24

Everyone preload this.  And post when you think you’d like to do a 2-4+ hr session.  This is your chance to see how well (usually surprisingly well) TF2 runs on your aging (or awesome-o) PC.

There is no TF2 demo, and loading it up the weekend of can be a painfully slow download.

Several of us already own it.  My steam id for the friends list is Phokis.  Shoot me a request once you are up and running with Steam.

The free weekend is made available to us due to the Heavy patch hitting this weekend, with a slew of new achievements, new weapons for the Heavy, and several new maps.  This joins the previously released Medic and Pyro patches (which also added weapons and maps).

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