TF2 on sale for $2.50 for next hour.


Team Fortress 2 is on sale for 2 dollars and 50 cents until 4pm CST today.  If you don’t have a steam account, go get one for this.  You won’t regret it.  When you upgrade your computer later, you’ll be happy to have this game, and access to all of the HL2 mods available.

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Buy TF2 NOW!

TF2 Free Weekend – Aug 22-24

TF2 Free Weekend – Aug 22-24

Everyone preload this.  And post when you think you’d like to do a 2-4+ hr session.  This is your chance to see how well (usually surprisingly well) TF2 runs on your aging (or awesome-o) PC.

There is no TF2 demo, and loading it up the weekend of can be a painfully slow download.

Several of us already own it.  My steam id for the friends list is Phokis.  Shoot me a request once you are up and running with Steam.

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