pLayday: 8/19 – Soul Calibur IV

pLayday: 8/19 – Soul Calibur IV

“A tale of souls eternally told.”  This translates into hitting each other with swords, spears, hammers, axes, and lightsabers.

Since a few of us just moved and the 360’s aren’t all setup yet or hooked up to internet, I figure I should just host a hotseat event.  The regulars and guests are welcome to come over and beat the stuffing out of each other with custom characters, jedi, or the traditional roster.

Don’t be intimidated.  Only Chue and I are practiced up at all, and I’ve only played 15-30 minutes of single player.  We’re still very rusty, and they’ll be plenty of new blood for you to challenge.

We’ll probably just mess around, but maybe fit in a quick tournament or two as well.  I also have a single Hori Arcade stick that came in the mail yesterday.  It’s pretty fun to use even if I’m worse using it.  I’d consider rolling out to the store and picking up one more quick if there’s a strong rsvp response to this event.

Call or comment here so I know who to expect as 8pm rolls around.

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