My initial impressions of: No More Heroes

No More Heroes Gameplay Screen

My initial impressions of: No More Heroes

I like No More Heroes. The graphics are AWFUL, the combat is repetitive, and the voice actings is (hopefully intentionally) bad.

The game is just fun, though. They know their target audience: old school gamers into anime. If the idea of your game progress being kept in an old Arcade Cabinet’s Top Ten list as you ride around town in an X-Wing/Akira motorcycle collecting anime t-shirts from dumpsters while you kill people with a light saber that gains batteries by shaking the wiimote like you are shaking your ‘wii,’ then this game is definitely worth a look.

While the initial tutorial gives a horrible impression of what is to come, the first boss fight does a pretty good job of letting you know there is more to this game. I’ll need to go back and play it again with subtitles; I couldn’t hear all of the dialog during the first boss fight. What I did hear, though, was quite interesting and helped make the point there is more to this game than initial appearances.

I just hope I can make it through the free-roam section. I’ve heard it’s bad. And I normally hate these free-roam games unless there is a gimmick to the transportation (Crackdown’s Mega Jump, Spiderman’s websling, Assassin Creed’s free-running). From what I’ve played so far it does not seem particular interesting. I just hope they don’t force me to spend too much time in it.

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