pLayday: 1/28 – Halo 3 multi-team or ffa

Master Chief

pLayday: 1/28 – Halo 3 multi-team or ffa

So far, 8pm seems to be a fine time, so let’s run with that for now. People are free to start a bit earlier, but hopefully you’ll stick around for the 8pm-9pm timeslot. We can also run later, too, depending on if people want to.

As for the game of the week….

Halo 3

Let’s pick an easy one. No thinking needed: we ALL own it. I suggest we start out easy and play as a private match to start with, eventually taking it online after a couple of rounds.

Any suggestions as to the type? Multi-team oddball was pretty fun near the end. There are also a couple of Race types, where multi-teams race around the map to a series of checkpoints. Also, I know no one likes to comment, but a roll call of the vocal would let me know if SOMEONE is planning on showing up ;)

3 thoughts on “pLayday: 1/28 – Halo 3 multi-team or ffa

  1. It’s never as much about winning, as it is about doing some cool “thing” during the match: sticking someone with a grenade, hitting a sniper from behind, shooting 2 guys chasing the flag carrier, etc. And there is always multi-team if we get enough people. I just noticed people didn’t enjoy the traditional two team approach too much, since it was easy for the teams to be unbalanced.

    Of course, if we play more regularly, we may be able to find balance in a two team approach.

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