pLayday initial page is posted. What time is good for you?


pLayday initial page is posted.  What time is good for you?

I just published the initial pLayday page. It is here. The day looks like it will be Tuesday (for now). I posted your gamertags and pics there so we can all add each other to our friends list. I recommend giving everyone Positive Feedback if you haven’t yet.

If you are interested in joining pLayday but I somehow missed you and you are not on the page, just let me know.

The next thing to determine is time. What time slot is best for each of us weekly on Tuesday?

2 thoughts on “pLayday initial page is posted. What time is good for you?

  1. Any start time between 7pm-10pm (until 11pm) is pretty good for me. Later times give more time to run errands on Tuesday, but I don’t want it too late due to work in the morning. Since it is also more likely that we’ll play for more than an hour, and it’ll stretch LONGER (rather than people trying to get together earlier to play), it makes sense to have an earlier time that stretches over the initial hour to achieve a 2+ hour playtime total.

  2. I’m ready to play! I’ll be up for 8:00 pm. I have racquetball in the early evening, so I will be ready by that time.

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