don't tell me the ending to: The Simpson's Game

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don’t tell me the ending to: The Simpson’s Game

Player 2 doesn’t get achievements. This game is fun, but I can’t imagine playing it single player. Combined, these two facts can kill this game for many of you. I, however, have a couple friends who don’t have 360’s and couldn’t give two shits about achievements. Lucky me.

The game itself is cartoony, but hardly pretty. I haven’t had a chance to try it, but from the game trailers the Naruto game does better cell shading. The game does contain animated cartoon clips for cinematics, which are in all their hd glory. Combined with the humor (and the graphics certainly aren’t bad), the game has a charming presentation. Nothing like running through the “Game Engine” level, where video games are made, passing posters of EA’s Bite Night 2004 (Tyson on the cover), and a skeleton’s in EA’s QA Dept.

It also has made me laugh. I know. I haven’t seen the Simpson’s movie yet, but the show certainly hasn’t done that in awhile. We, the gamers, are certainly the target audience. One of the many level collectibles are “Cliches.” These include things like “Swimming: you can’t swim until the sequel.” or “Exploding Barrels” and “Invisible Barriers.” Each time you find one Comic Book Guy comes up and delivers a clever line of dialog. Greatest gaming references. Ever.

I’ve been having fun with it. The running around Springfield section they brought over from Hit and Run is fairly useless, and completely unfun from a gameplay standpoint. But, the actual levels are classic brawler/platformer levels. It is Lego Star Wars fun without being Lego Star Wars. And we all know we’ve played that game pretty much to death already (released 3 times now?).

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  1. I played this demo and I thought it was utter garbage. Glad to hear there may be some redeeming qualities. The graphics seemed fine to me, gameplay wasn’t. Even Dani didn’t like it and she played through Hit and Run a few times.

    Big old meh. Maybe they should try to release a fun stage for the demo.

  2. Dedrick Tatum isn’t a professional boxing character, it’s a Simpson’s character (based on Mike Tyson, so they look and sound alike). In the episode where he was in, it was a spoof of Tyson’s comeback fight against the stooge peter McNeeley. Tyson picked someone who he knew he could totally whip, and in the episode, Tatum picked Homer as his opponent.

    It was a good episode.

  3. Ohh. hah. i think i remember that episode.

    He isn’t biting Homer, though. And, how do you know who appears in the poster? Do you have The Simpson’s game?

    Anyway, yea, the gameplay is a resounding “eh,” but the comedy of the Simpson’s game is pretty funny. Is it $60 funny? probably not. But certainly $20 (if you have a friend to play coop with).

  4. No, I don’t have the game, but I couldn’t really believe that the Simpson’s would use Tyson when they had Dedrick Tatum. He didn’t have to bite Homer since Tatum was a parody of Tyson, so he was just biting any random guy (and if we were to draw parallels, Tatum didn’t bite Homer since Homer = McNeeley and not Holyfield (whom tyson bit)

    Did he look like this?

    Again, I will say it again. If they would have gone through and made the game with all the different gameplay genres with all the cliches intact (ie, fps, role playing game, sports games with roster updates, wacky japanese party game, racing, etc) I would have been all over it. As it is, it just seems like an oldschool action kick/punch/jump game.

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