pLayday: 2/25 – Halo 3

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pLayday: 2/25 – Halo 3

I hear Halo 3 has been patched. So I throw the disc in. Lo and behold, the first patch for Halo 3 is upon us. And from the servers descended thy AutoUpdate 1, patching ye Halo 3 to version 1 point 1. As it is written:

“omg, did j00 fixz melee, bungholes?”

“Yes. We have patched Halo to 1 point 1. Now Melee damage will no longer favor the advantaged over the disadvantaged, the strong over the weak. Now they will both perish in a flurry of fists if they are of almost equal skill and health. So, shutup n00bs.”

And the peasants rejoiced.

This is as far as I got. I did not actually test any of the melee. I figure, equal ground for all of us who haven’t put this game in since the last update or pLayday.

So, same bat time, same bat channel: Tuesdays @ 8pm. Anyone have any preference as to the gametype? Also, should we try to get some guests over for splitscreen? Or should we try to keep it ranked? One thing of note, Big Team Battle now has a max party size of 8. This, I believe, is an increase over what it was, making Ranked Big Team Battle more doable.

Another option is a bit of Achievement farming. I suggest we play for an hour or two, to get in the good social event, and those that want to stick around and set their language to some obscure thing (7th from bottom, or something like that) and then rank some ffa achievements are welcome. It’s called boosting. The achievements will appear as the other language to you until you Recover your profile. They will always appear English to everyone else. That is the extent of my knowledge on the subject. If anyone actually knows anything, or has done it before, feel free to leave suggestions/comments.

5 thoughts on “pLayday: 2/25 – Halo 3

  1. if anyone feels like getting together for some legendary co-op or campaign scoring this weekend (or any time), shoot me a message.

  2. ok, so i ended up having to be gone for most of last weekend, but this weekend, lets get some co-op going on. i’ve been playing a little bit of legendary by myself, and some parts are ridiculously frustrating, and the wicked save points don’t help much. anyways, i’m down with a marathon session of the entire campaign, or just a level or 2. anyone who is down, shoot me a message.

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