How to add Picture links to WordPress posts

How to add Picture links to WordPress posts

By default, pictures in wordpress are added with a link that takes you to a page about the picture or straight to the picture file itself. Neither of these solutions do what you generally want: the picture link to take you to the more detailed view of the post. To do that you:

1) Write your article.

2) Add your picture (tree picture icon in the toolbar) to the top of the article by having the cursor up there. Select the options: Fullsize, and Link to: None.

3) Center the picture with the paragraph control. (align center, rather than align left or right).

4) Publish/Post the post.

5) Click on the post to get the post’s permanent (real) url.

6) Edit the post, click the picture, and click the chain link icon in the toolbar to add a url.

7) paste in the post’s permanent url. then save.

I found a small bug, whereas if you added a picture with a Link to: Page (page about picture). Even if you remove the link, or edit it and paste in the real one and click save, it will not work. You must remove the link entirely (break chain button in toolbar), then save, then add in the new link.

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