pLayday: 2/5 – Undertow


pLayday: 2/5 – Undertow

Real quick post because I was too busy this weekend (and forgot).

The game is Undertow. We all own it. Let’s try it out. If we get bored we can easily switch back over to Halo or another game, depending on who is able to make it tonight.

I would also like to remind that pLayday is only an hour, technically. Think of it as watching a TV show from 8-9pm. There is no commitment (period), but especially none for showing up early, or continuing to play for a full on gaming session of 2+ hours. Hell, if you can only make it for half an hour, that is encouraged.

So, let’s get to trying out this compensation for xblive downtime. If you haven’t played the campaign, I recommend it as a fun split-screen co-op game.

9 thoughts on “pLayday: 2/5 – Undertow

  1. Also, I lean towards just playing a private match until we figure out how the ‘party’ system works. Probably won’t be anywhere near as easy as Halo.

    Anyone actually play this online, yet? I’ve done a couple matches, but can’t remember the interface.

  2. Count me in. Based on the 20 minutes or so that I spent on the game the day I got it for free, I don’t quite see the draw, but am definitely willing to check out the online aspect of it.

  3. The “draw” as you would put it, is it is geometry wars. it is everyday shooter. it is robotron. It is all of those top-down shooters, but it is also a multiplayer territories game (think battlefield, or ut2k4’s onslaught mode).

    So, for people who can’t handle an fps’s thumbstick control (move + look), it is generally easier to control this. I guess, it is like the Super Smash Bros. or FPS.

    And, I pretty much picked it because Boramis doesn’t have gears. Now that he does, we may well switch to it part way through :P

  4. That is why I was a bit surprised when I first played the game. I heard the comparisons to Geometry Wars, which I absolutely loved, and figured that “Geometry Wars set underwater with pirates” had to be good, but I was a bit disappointed. I want to give it another shot though, I may have been playing it wrong, and to be honest, I really didn’t give it much of a chance in the first place.

  5. Hah. yea, I would like to play games each night, but that’s a hard time commitment for everyone. The goal of pLayday (also available on the pLayday page link in the banner or here: is to make those random times where all of your friends are on less random. Sure, 1-2 friends may be on at once at any particular time, but every once in awhile, you get all 10 of you on, you all own the same game, and you all play it.

    So, the method to make this happen is like a weekly tv show. One hour, on a day of the week people aren’t busy, each week.

    I’m all for playing more often ;) I just look at pLayday as a way to pull everyone in. No matter where you are, how the weather is outside, or how busy you are, most of the time you can spare an hour on Tuesday, 8pm-9pm, in front of your tv chatting it up with your friends.

    If you know any other guys at WTS, or elsewhere, that would be interested, just let them know. The idea isn’t to get the group to be tooo big, but I don’t really think we are at the point where anyone needs to be excluded.

    And,…I just realized: Hint, your pick is the Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band pic kotaku used?

  6. You bet it is, good eye. The monkey knife fight is my favorite internet pic ever.

    I’ve mentioned to a few guys here that they should check out the blog and told them about pLayday yesterday, so we’ll see if they start rolling in or not.

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