Who crunches numbers better? PC, Mac, PS3?

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Who crunches numbers better? PC, Mac, PS3?

PC running as a hackintosh, PS3 running a linux variant (unbuntu, or yellowdog?), and the mac running whatever the newest version is, because Steve Jobs told you these new features are needed.


So, I’m looking for the best workstation style flops/$ for parallel computing. Any suggestions? 8 cores good, 16 better. I was thinking of going with a Mac Pro for $2800. 8×2.8 GHz Harpertown cores & 2 GB ECC RAM. Student discount takes off another 10-20%.


Hello Mr Seth,Have you thought about getting a ps3 for your project? The PS3 has about 200 gflop from the cpu PlayStation 3’s Cell CPU achieves 204 GFLOPS single precision float, maybe 15 for double precision, while a 8 core is around 50 gflop.


Hey hey! Overall the PS3 would require too much rewriting for my resources, but I think it might work very well for a subset of my needs. Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind.Looking around I found this page:

I could do without some things (smaller case, HD, & vid card) and improve on others (upgrade memory & quad core), and have my self a reasonable cluster node. Definitely not workstation class hardware, but it would work as a hackintosh for cheap.

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