Civility! Ninjas to teach DC heroes martial arts.

he has long hair!

Civility! Ninjas to teach DC heroes martial arts.


It doesn’t have to be good. It just has to be better than Justice League: Task Force (which has the Long-haried Superman).

I think it’ll be fun. Rumors of removed blood and toned down violence have been floating around, but the trailer still looks plenty gritty, and Batman bleeds a bit as he gets punched. I think they could still have Superman lobotomizing someone as a fatality….at least, I could wish for it.

Almost a bigger question, how are they going to handle Flight? In JL:TF, you could just, But because of the street fighter perspective anyone could jump kick you out of the sky. Still, unlimited flight and heat vision (spamming QCF+P) really added to the fact you were playing as Superman.

2 thoughts on “Civility! Ninjas to teach DC heroes martial arts.

  1. the game will be terrible, because it is mortal kombat. too bad a company that makes decent fighters isn’t doing this instead.

    Also: X-Files was still good in season 7 and even a little bit in 8. Season 9 is just unacceptable though.

  2. I liked Deadly Alliance. They just need to make the animations less stiff (which has always been their problem).

    They have always done a good selection of special moves (teleporting, large projectiles, etc), so characters like a decently portrayed Green Lantern are a possibility.

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