pLayday: 4/22 – Last minute Gears


pLayday: 4/22 – Last minute Gears

We picked up Gears as our game. First round was a bit of a blow out, but the teams of Phokal, Zazz, Boramis vs. cvang, kFlair, and Euphoric seemed like quite a well-balanced match-up. It was a fun time had by all until Live decided to hiccup. In one second we lost our live connections, which the game detects and then kicks you from the game.

Hopefully this downtime doesn’t occur next week when the game is tentatively GTA IV.

Yup, hope you all have it pre-ordered.

2 thoughts on “pLayday: 4/22 – Last minute Gears

  1. Am I the only one who thinks there’s virtually no chance Live won’t crash on Tuesday? Given how well they handled Christmas it’ll probably be sketchy for a month.

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