pLayday: 4/15 – Halo 3

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pLayday: 4/15 – Halo 3

Well, I lent Zazz my copy of CoD4, so I can’t very well pick THAT to play. If everyone who shows has Orange Box we may flip to that. But I think a better idea would be if I (or you) get friends over for split screen fun, then we can stick with Halo.

In fact, try to invite some more random friends in for this lan game. We’ll try to keep the difficulty at a chill level. Emphasis on teamwork. In fact, let’s try the Race game mode on the large maps with vehicles. In preparation for GTA IV. Which you all must buy. Seriously.

We can try multiple teams (3-4 teams, depending on how many people show).

One thought on “pLayday: 4/15 – Halo 3

  1. we should play some rocket race. it keeps things even cause it’s generally not as hard for entry level players, plus it’s fun as hell. think mario kart with rocket launchers on something the scale of sandtrap.

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