Site Reboot

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Site Reboot
Well, I’m currently working on a site reboot with a new layout. What do you think? Well, as for making posts, you’ll notice this handy device at the top for easy, quick posts. If you make the first line of the post:
followed by what you want to talk about

Then the post will automatically get the title, and it will also appear as the first line in bold. Handy, eh? I’ll be looking up other information, such as how big pictures should be, or if they are resized automatically after the post goes up. Of course, to insert a picture, you will need to make the post manually the old way (and you will need to put the title in the Body of the post for it to be viewable), or put up a post and then edit it to add the picture after the fact.

I’m going back and editing the titles of old posts, and duplicating them into the body for easy viewing.

One thought on “Site Reboot

  1. Hey. neat. add a picture to the post after the fact and it will auto resize it down to the correct column size.

    Let’s see if I can insert a picture into this comment:

    …guess not?

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