Go Buy: Day of Defeat Source – $5

5 dolla!

Go Buy: Day of Defeat Source – $5

As in, go buy it right now.  It is currently on sale through your friendly steam client.  Based on the very good HL1 mod, this HL2 stand-alone product just got the Achievement patch from valve.

Now, some of you may scoff at picking up this game:

-“My computer’s too crappy.”

-“I’m busy, so I don’t think I can get to it in time.”

-“I don’t know what it is, so I’m not interested.”

I’ll counter with:

It’s FIVE dollars; no tax, no shipping.  For the price of a DLC plane skin, picture pack, or a couple songs you get an entire game.  A game that is permanently associated with your steam account.  Automatically patched; automatically installed when you want.

Plus, you get to shoot Nazis.  Or Allies.  You know, depending on the team you’re on.

So, boot up steam, and leave your steam login name in the comments.  Link and instructions after the jump:

Here’s the page to the game:


But I wouldn’t bother with that.  You can easily buy it through the Steam store of the official client.  Just login in, go to the store, and then browse to the game.

The steam client can be found here as a little box link on the right side:


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