pLayday: 7/15 – Wit and Wagers or Halo?

pLayday: 7/15 – Wit and Wagers or Halo?

You Don’t Know Jack *NEEDS* to come out for XBLA.  Until then we have Wits.  Though, I have not purchased it yet and do not know if you can do hotseat AND over Live at the same time.

Also, we may have too many people, in which case Halo is a good fallback.  Paintball Halo, or some Grifball, or Rocket Race.  And some classic FFA on the new Free map.

If we get a low turnout, we can always get some more campaign Metascore achievements in Halo’s campaign.

4 thoughts on “pLayday: 7/15 – Wit and Wagers or Halo?

  1. Thanks for the info. One thing we found out, though, was that you cannot have two hotseat groups.

    The host can have hotseat people in his game, but when he invites another player in over Live, that player cannot bring anybody in (Guest or separate Gold Acct).

    Reviews should really mention the technical specifics like this.

  2. I designed the Wits & Wagers board game, but I’m not sure what a “hotseat” is, so I can’t really answer your XBLA question. From my understanding, you can play with up to 4 people in your own livingroom, and two others in someone else’s livingroom (or up to 6 players in 6 different livingrooms).

    If you enjoy the digital game, you sould try playing the original board game. It’s most fun when played in teams with 15 – 20 people around your dining room table.

    Designer of Wits & Wagers
    Founder of

  3. Wow. Thanks Dominic!

    I can explain in detail so you understand the digital aspect. Wits and Wagers for XBLA is still an improvement over many Live (retail box or digital) in that it allows SOME combination. Most are either Hotseat OR over Live (Internet)

    Hotseat = People in the same room. Termed originally from the fact that the seat would remain hot as people got up from the chair, switching in front of the computer and taking turns.

    Over Live = over Xbox’s internet matchmaking service.

    As it stands currently, we had 4 people on 1 xbox, and 2 on another. Ideally, we would all be able to then play together. I set up to host a game and had 3 other people logged in my system. I sent an invite over Xbox Live to my buddy. He had another friend on his system. But only one of them could actually join. The other slot would not be filled.

    I could send another invite to a 3rd xbox system to fill the last slot, but the 2nd and 3rd xbox could only have 1 person apiece. The host could have as many as they wanted (1-4).

    A few games (such as Halo, or Gears) allow this kind of combination (hotseat and live). Other games, such as Call of Duty 4 or Marvel Ultimate Alliance only allow 1 person per console once you select Live, OR you can play up to 4 hotseat/living room (not a combination). Wits and Wagers for XBLA seems to fall somewhere in between ;)

    Overall, I definitely like the trend of hotseatable Board Games on XBLA (or PSN). It lets you quickly play the board game without the need to set up all the pieces. Carcassonne is another good example. The only issue with the digital counterparts is any game with a “closed hand” can’t support hotseat (since it is all displayed on the TV, the hand could be seen). Settles of Catan is an example of this. Great game, but not as fun if you can only play against AI or people online.

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