Psych: TV show on USA

Psych: TV show on USA

I like watching tv. Psych is part of the new USA network lineup of shows in the same vein of Monk. In short, it’s about a clever character solving mysteries.

Psych is about a detective agency with two partners, the black guy (Gus) and the white guy (Shawn). Shawn has a special ability where he can instantly recognize important clues pertaining to the case that they are currently working on. Of course, it would be too simple if he just told everybody that he was a good detective, so instead he pretends that he’s psychic and the way that he solves cases is by overacted psychic readings.

He also is in conflict with the local head detective with playful pranks and verbal sparring. It’s good to have a source of constant conflict.

I think that the real reason why I like this show is its reference to kitchy pop culture. From Knight Rider t-shirts to nipples on superhero costumes, the show has plenty of small notable mentions of things that are from my childhood. I would say that it’s probably a hard show to get into if you didn’t grow up in the 80’s, but if you had, it’s good stuff. Highly recommended.

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  1. I’ve seen a few random episodes from season 1. I’d agree 100%: I enjoyed them and found the show quite entertaining.

    If you have USA, you should be Tivo’ing this.

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