pLayday: 7/1 – Let's meet in Halo

i dunno

pLayday: 7/1 – Let’s meet in Halo

I’m not sure what I feel like playing today.  I could do CoD4, GTA4, Halo3, Undertow, Rockband,…I’d be up for almost anything.  Let’s see who shows and just decide based off that.  I’ve got an open slot at my Apt as well (the 2nd 360 is hooked back up in the office, and I have multiple copies of CoD4 and GTA4).

4 thoughts on “pLayday: 7/1 – Let's meet in Halo

  1. i’m gonna have to pass this week and the next few weeks. i traded my 360 and wii away to my brother in exchange for his PS3 so that i can play thru MGS4. I just finished act 4, so I know the end of the game is right around the corner, but I’m still going to be without a 360 (or wii) for the next few weeks.

    If anyone feels like some PS3 online let me know. This is my first experience with PS3, so I have yet to try any of the online games yet. Not sure how the friend system works, but his PSN name is MisterFresh. Along with MGS4, he gave me Resistance, COD4, GTAIV and Warhawk, so if anyone plays these games online, shoot me a msg.

  2. Are you using his profile through MGS4 instead of your own? Profiles are on the far left side of the XMB.

    Then each Profile can have a PSN associated with it. They are totally free. You should make one :)

    And, if only Josh, you, and I show up for pLayday, then we could do mgs4. MGS4 online is great, but setting it up is a PAIN. It does not use PSN id. Instead, you sign up for a Konami ID (from their website), which you use to create a Game ID. You login the game with this Game ID, which you use to create a Character (only ONE PER CONSOLE!).
    So you may have to use your brothers. Or spend 6 bucks to get an extra character slot.

    The character should have the name you want to appear in game. People don’t see your Konami ID or Game ID (i think).

    And yea, Act 4 is near the end. Which has one great, cinematic boss fight (so does act 4, btw).

  3. the only reason i’m using his profile is because i started playing MGS4 using his account on friday night. on saturday morning, i created my own profile and PSN account on his PS3, but then realized that there was no way to move my save data from his profile to mine, so i’ve just been using his.

    between being ridiculously excited to play the single player portion of MGS4 and what i’ve read of the woes involved with getting started with the online, i haven’t even tried the online portion of the game yet, but probably will soon. i’ve been going thru about an act per day, so i’ll probably finish sometime tonight.

    also, is anyone else unable to stay logged in?

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