chatting: it's what i do!

Phokal: you should start saving money
capnjiffy: I AM
Phokal: lol
capnjiffy: tell it to the student loans
capnjiffy: also i’ve been going out too much
Phokal: tsk tsk
capnjiffy: booze isn’t going to drink itself, aaron
Phokal: i’ve always told you, you’re way too social
capnjiffy: yeah i hear that all the time
Phokal: that jiffy, and always making friends
capnjiffy: it’s what i do! it’s who i am!
Phokal: i’m telling you, it’s a real problem. seriously cutting into your asocial videogame player.
capnjiffy: it was weird as hell though friday i went out ad met literally a dozen people i already knew
Phokal: fallout 3 isn’t going to play 300hrs itself!

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