I paid too much for Fallout 3 and I'm lovin' it.


As some of you know, I ordered the Survival Edition of Fallout 3 from Amazon.com.  This was exclusive to amazon, and is a step up from the normal collector’s edition.  I took some shots of the unboxing of all the pieces.  But, I should start at the beginning:

Fallout 3 is a new RPG game for the 360, PS3, and PC.  It’s by the guys who made Elderscrolls (Oblivion).  The setting is a post-apocalyptic America.  Think Mad Max, but with less driving, more giant ants, radiation, and a dark sense of humor.

Fallout 3 was available for purchase as a regular game and as a Collector’s Edition.  The Collector’s Edition comes in a Fallout 3 themed tin lunch box with a bunch of goodies.

The Survival Edition includes this; and a Pip-Boy 3000 clock.


Gah. Damaged!  Since I’m more about collecting as in “library” rather than as “baseball cards”, I don’t mind as long as there’s no damage inside.  But I could see an actual collector being a bit pissed.  Of course, this cardboard box case probably wouldn’t hold up too well anyway.


Inside fit nicely two packages: the Collector’s Edition, and the Pip-Boy 3000.


Let’s start with the lunch box Collector’s Edition.  Slipping the plastic slip-cover off of the lunchbox reveals a nice bit of artwork.


Cracking it open reveals a copy of the game (I ordered the Xbox 360 version) with the now standard “Do Not Sell By” Dates.  Below that is a hard paper sleeve containing a making of DVD.  Won’t be looking at that for a very long time (after beating the game).  The artbook is small, but well made and bound.  It has a nice selection of art inside, some of which was in promotion material but others are unique, interesting sketches.  Lastly, and most importantly, is that below all that is the Vault Boy bobble head.  This is pretty cute.  It’s made of plastic, but doesn’t feel too cheap.  And it bobbles.


Next we move on to the clock.  This is modeled after the Pip-Boy 3000, the in-game menu system.  Whenever you need to do anything, your character looks down at their arm and uses the Pip-Boy 3000 to navigate the menus (leveling up, the map, etc).  Adds a bit more immersion than text appearing in a dialog pop-up.  The clock requires a bit of assembly, but can also be worn on very skinny arms (which I have).  Note: It is not intended for wear, much like the Halo helmet.  It’s just that you can for 10 seconds, think it’s neat, and then put it on its mount.


Welcome to the future, where everything flashes 12:00.

*Victory*.  With the clock time set, I find a place for all the new nick-nacks around the living room (next to a few other video game related things.  Can you identify them all?).


Soooo nerdy-,… I mean, badass.

2 thoughts on “I paid too much for Fallout 3 and I'm lovin' it.

  1. *awesome* I picked up Fallout 3 yesterday (along with Animal Crossings, sigh :) ) I am only a couple hours and haven’t gotten anywhere since it’s so fun to explore.

    I wanted the collector’s edition but they only had the PS3 version.

    -> That clock rules hard.

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