I'm Accepted into the NXE Preview

Briefly, I just got into the most recent wave of testers for the NXE (New Xbox Experience/Dashboard) Preview.

It’ll probably auto-install later.  It mentions it is limited to my account and console, but I wonder what will happen with ztynzo’s account.

We’ll find out at around 5pm this evening, when the next wave launches.

7 thoughts on “I'm Accepted into the NXE Preview

  1. incredibly fast to load everything. just plain quick to load lists of things.

    Though, the “fetching from internet” part can still take awhile to think. That may also be due to the issues they are having.

    Also noticed that streaming videos from that “New in Xbox Live” thing seems more reliable (such that, you don’t need to pause and let them buffer up).

  2. the avatars are pretty neat. I managed to make one that looks quite a bit like me, and you don’t have to use them to replace your gamerpic (you can take a picture of them, pose their head with the right stick, and use that as a gamerpic if you wish).

    Matt has netflix. it then hooks to the console kinda like a Media Center PC. Netflix is nice, but the instant queue must be setup on a pc. You can’t browse randomly around while on your 360.

  3. Since MS was nice enough to let the rest of us preview submittees in, I’ve gotten a look at it too. My opinion of the avatars was completely the opposite. I didn’t think yours, Detnap’s, mine, or Lynn’s looked very much like us, and it was just a matter of “well, I guess that’s as close as I can get”.

    Haven’t tried the Netflix integration yet, but probably will tonight. It’s easily the feature I’m most looking forward too.

    I was absolutely shocked at how fast it downloaded and installed. Most of my game updates take longer than that, and the PS3 updates are glacial by comparison.

    The themes are cool, but it seems weird that they’re all cut in half by the gray “ground”. I would have thought they’d integrate that into the theme better.

  4. so i installed nxe quick before i left for work today and really liked what i saw. for some reason i wasn’t really looking forward to avatars, but i think i’m going to have fun with them. i didn’t get a chance to create one yet, just selected from the randomly generated defaults so that i could check out a few things quick.

    one thing i found on xbox.com was this handy url:


    sub in any gamertag where it says gamertag and you’ve got a nice little png image of your (or anyone’s) avatar.

    so anybody wanna try out the party system at some point? i’m guessing you guys have messed around with it already, but i have a feeling it should come in handy for future pLaydays.

  5. I have not had a chance to try parties yet. No one on my friends list had it, so the feature was disabled for me.

    What’s more, where the hell is Photo Sharing party? that was released via the Spotlight early on, but now I can’t find any reference to it?

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