Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack – Sale

I delayed posting this, just because I assumed those interested would buy it, and others would pass.

But, some may be missing out.  Originally 800 points, it was reduced to 600, and now on sale for 400 for a couple more days.


This is needed to play on a variety of the ranked playlists in Halo 3.  I’ve got it, and definitely enjoy the maps they included.  While I don’t like the price point of these map packs (at $10), Bungie has stated they aren’t giving this one out for free.  I tried to dig up a link on it, but haven’t found the statement.  (And I’m posting this in under 2 minutes).

If you plan to play online Halo 3 at all, I highly recommend the pack.  Combined with Recon, and the upcoming mysterious map pack (coop-ness?), Halo 3 definitely has life left in it.

Greatest because it’s easiest LAN game thus far.

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