I finally watched: Quantum of Solace


Quantum is a cross between a classic Bond film and a Bourne film. It has improbable enemy stations, moments of comedy and seduction, mixed with a shakey cam, lots of close quarter combat, and stunts. It is not as good as Casino Royale, but it isn’t a bad Bond film. It is just living under a large shadow.

I enjoyed the film, but I don’t think it was well directed. It lacked transitions as Bond globe-trotted around. A few times I didn’t even know how he knew to go. Often times I find myself annoyed at how much hand holding movies do to give clues; in this some clue scenes were done so quickly (2 seconds for whole frame) you could barely see the clues.
The writing was also a bit weak. While the plot as described could be interesting, it just wasn’t developed as much as it needed to be.
Craig still manages to act well. In a role that required him to act vengful, he does a good job of coming acrossed as a contained rage without being whiny.
I enjoyed the movie. It isn’t the classic that Casino Royale is, but as a Bond fan it is a fun watch and is a direct sequel to it.  It also pulls off the To Be Continued ending without really being to be continued.  It’s more of a saga, or continuation, than cliffhanger; a good approach.

If you want to keep up with Bond, I recommend it.

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