CSI people need to stop being shot in the head



CSI people are the Judge Dreads of TV.  They investigate, analyze, apprehend, interrogate, and occasionally execute their criminals.  Each agent is assigned to a case with a partner.   Each partner is fully capable of doing any of the tasks required.  If one performs a task, the other comes over and pats them on the shoulder; it could have just as easily been them performing the hair fiber analysis.  They aren’t specialists; they are super-humans who have 8 PhD’s and are more capable in all aspects of a case than any one real specialist.

And then they don’t even die when shot in the head.  Repeatedly.

Then they come back, *retarded*, and they are still smarter than everyone but their partners.

Even when one of these characters finally does bite several bullets to the body mass area, it is always surprising how this ex-Navy Seal lawyer with a criminal past now reformed manages to walk into a trap against 8 dudes with guns at point blank range.  Everyone is surprised and wants to hunt down and kill the single, only survivor, as the 7 other dudes were killed during the battle.

That survivor dude is screwed.  He has several T1000 cyborg killing machines on his tail, who can do everything from follow his pheromone trail to shoot a pistol a hundred yards.

And take off those fucking sunglasses.  You’re indoors.

2 thoughts on “CSI people need to stop being shot in the head

  1. Yes detnap… continued proof that humanity… as a whole… is doomed to wreck the rock we were born on. Time to privatize space exploration… NASA’s taking too long!

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