don’t tell me the ending to: Crayon Physics Deluxe


Crayon Physics Deluxe is a game that has more in common with some of the most violent videogames than it does with drawing on construction paper.  Crayon Physics Deluxe is all about the sandbox environment, like Grand Theft Auto.  The game is based around one simple premise: get the apple to roll into the star.  There is always an easy way to accomplish this goal, but successfully completing the goal isn’t where the fun is.  The fun comes from using the nearly limitless tools to solve your problem; a way that is interesting in and of itself.

Sure, you can just draw a straight line and get to the goal by clicking the apple.  It’s more interesting when you draw a giant man who kicks the apple into a box that gets dragged accross a tightrope.

The main game shouldn’t take too long to complete, but great for short burts of beating a couple dozen levels here or there.  The built in map editor allows for the saving of new maps to be shared in the community as PNG files.  While the game is infinitely more fun using a Tablet PC or Wacom tablet, the mouse controls are both accessible and fun.  The graphics are crayon drawings brought to life with a physics engine and are a joy to watch.  The music is soothing, but can get a little repetitious.

Crayon Physics Deluxe is a great example of an Independent Game.  Cheaply priced at $20, great desgin and tools, universal appeal, with an art style that catches the eye.  I’d recommend trying the free trial of CPD here.

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