Crayon Physics Deluxe costs $X! Where X is your imagination.

Crayon Physics Deluxe is having one of those “pay me whatever” sales.  Pay any amount (.01 or $100 million), and you get the game.


It retails for $20 normally (and on steam).  I paid $20 at launch and, while I haven’t beaten it, think it’s a blast to play around with.

If you have a tablet (PC or pad), then this is a must.  Works well with a mouse, too.

To avoid him losing money on this sale, you should probably pay at least $2. I’d recommend $5. I can’t imagine feeling ripped off at $5, even if you find you don’t like the game.  And hell, there’s a demo. Give it a try!

Only thing I’d say: back up your saved games to a shared folder.  I keep loading this game on people’s computers to show it off, and each time I have to start at level 1.

At least watch the video on the main page. Or this one:

don’t tell me the ending to: Crayon Physics Deluxe


Crayon Physics Deluxe is a game that has more in common with some of the most violent videogames than it does with drawing on construction paper.  Crayon Physics Deluxe is all about the sandbox environment, like Grand Theft Auto.  The game is based around one simple premise: get the apple to roll into the star.  There is always an easy way to accomplish this goal, but successfully completing the goal isn’t where the fun is.  The fun comes from using the nearly limitless tools to solve your problem; a way that is interesting in and of itself.

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