Et Tu Bruce?


Bruce Campbell. More awesome than an Afroed Samurai (even with an Afroed Samurai being very awesome).

He was popularized in as Ash Williams in Army of Darkness, with the bandwagoneers jumping back and viewing his other previous works such as Evil Dead 1 and subsequently, Evil Dead 2. That should be enough for his name to live on forever.

Of course, I’m sure that people need work, and he has gone on and done other movies and tv shows, some of which are watchable while others are markedly less so. I’m not really here to discuss Bruce Campbell as the USA Hercules star or the Sci Fi made for tv movies. What I want to speak of is his movie “My Name is Bruce”.

I think the concept is fantastic. In the movie, one of Bruce’s fan’s runs into an evil of some sort and seeks out Bruce Campbell, the actor, to help them fight the evil. There’s a lot to work with here, but we must make the assumption that people have seen Bruce Campbell’s definitive work, Army of Darkness. That is the movie that they should have keyed off of. They make mention of the low budget science fiction movies that he’s been in, but those are too generic and they don’t play to the audience that would be watching this, namely, Army of Darkness fans. I don’t think anyone would have seen “Assault on Dome 4” and go out of their way to watch more Bruce Campbell movies.

Also, the Deadites, the army of the dead that Bruce Campbell has to fight in Army of Darkness, do not make an appearance in this movie. They use a slasher Chinese ghost spirit which isn’t very fun. Again, there’s just not enough pandering to the core audience that will watch this movie. If they had a fight scene with the bad animitronic skeletons and guys in skeleton costumes, that would have payed off. Also, instead of his Bruce filming movie scenes being of the science fiction genre, they could have had them filming a scene where a Deadite attacks an S Mart. That would have satisfied me.

You know what, if they would have just remade the basic plot of Army of Darkness but set the plot in a modern day and have pieces of Ash in Bruce’s character, that would have been perfect for me. What I wanted was a movie that pandered to fans of Army of Darkness, what it was was a movie that showed what Bruce had been doing since.

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  1. And, yea, Bruce should be fighting at least dozens of,…things, rather than just one.

    His ‘character’ is always the badass who takes one multiple things/enemies. Just fighting and running from a single thing for the whole movie doesn’t give the same vibe.

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