G.I. Joe – You need to weaponize these warheads

The new G.I Joe movie is not good. But isn’t bad, either. There is as much plot as you would expect. There’s a base and it gets attacked. There are explosions. Lots of “Duke!” and “Ripcord!”, gunfire, ninja fighting, missiles, and chases.

There’s lots of fanservice. Favorite characters are here, as are a lot of vehicles.
Of course, there is a lot to criticize. There is a lot of stupidity you have to forgive. If you thought Die Hard 4 had hard-to-believe plot, then G.I. Joe will rub you the wrong way.
“We need you to weaponize the warhead.”
“What’s Scottish for ‘fire’?”

It’s not a movie I’d tell someone to go to, but if you wanted to see it I wouldn’t let other opinions stop you.

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