Flag collectiong. FFFFFFFUUUUU-

I liked Assassin’s Creed.  I posted my impressions upon beating it.  I do note, however, I left out a very large point in that article.  I hated the flag collecting.

There are 100 flags in each city.  Completely optional to gameplay, completely required to get some Gamerscore.  I had the guide.  I used the checklist.  I waited until near the end of the game to go around and collect them all so I’d be familiar with controls and have all the powers necessary to get them.

And I failed.

In each city, in my gamesave, there are 1 or 2 flags per city that I never achieved.  I was using a walkthrough and I could not find them.  I was angry, and vowed to never bother with these stupid fetch quests again.  I’m looking at you Naruto and Far Cry 2.

Assassin’s Creed 1 broke me of collection quests.

But, alas, I’m currently stuck collecting people in Prototype.  Each person found unlocked a 30 second video telling backstory or a sidestory.  It was not vital to the plot and I was determined not to bother.  That is, until characters started mentioning people I did not know and events I did not understand.  Apparently, the fetch quest is not optional if you want to understand the plot.  So now I’m stuck following another map and guide, collecting these memories.

Prince of Persia added it as a mechanic, requiring the player to transverse and find 400+ Light Seeds in order to unlock powers necessary to travel to the end of the game.  And I’ll *have* to resume in AC2, too.


Now they have impact on gameplay?  I have to do it to make my dude better?  When did collecting every single damn coin in Mario become a fun activity?

Fuck flags. Fuck coins. Fuck collecting fucking journals, fucking briefcases, and fucking secret documents.  I don’t like picking up after my roommates in real life; why would I want to pick up after some lazy agents who have scattered a *thousand* gems across an entire damn city.

I should note, I don’t mind the occasional scavenge.  Finding a few powerful rewards/artifacts can be fun. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 requires you to find 15 items in order to unlock 3 characters (5 each).  Shadow Complex and Metroid require the player to acquire new equipment during the exploration of their complex.

But if there are hundreds of required items in a glowing path in front of you; that’s just tedious.

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