I just saw: Zombieland

Zombieland Kingpin Poster

Zombieland is a good zombie comedy with a bit more gore than Shaun of the Dead. Woody Harrelson makes a great fearless zombie killing machine. It is just plain fun and believable to watch him slaughter the undead and deliver one-liners. Several running gags, a surprise cameo, and “the little things” can bring a smile to your face even with certain death and violence around the corner.

The movie’s logic is not altogether sound, but if you can forgive this in any other Zombie film you can forgive it here. A small group of humans band together to survive the apocalypse, narrated by one of the cast: a shut-in scared of germs, heights, etc. His paranoia teamed with Woody Harrelson’s temper and violence makes them the perfect odd couple to tackle the dangerous landscape. Throw in a couple more to the cast including the girl from Little Miss Sunshine and you have a fun band of humans to observe.

I’d recommended Zombieland to zombie and horror fans who can stand the gore of the Dawn of the Dead remakes, but for them to go in expecting a more light-hearted and comedic take on the downfall of mankind.

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