don’t tell me the ending to: Dokapon Kingdom

Dokapon Kingdom is an almost entirely unknown game.  Recently released for the Wii and PS2 (both versions identical except for 16:9 and progressive support on the Wii), Dokapon Kingdom is a multiplayer board game.  It can be cut into ‘party game’ sized chunks, but is definetely more board game than ‘party’ (Read: Minigame) game.

Take Final Fantasy 1, add humor, and make it a competative board game.  Players take turns travelling the board.  Land on a Shop or Chest space and you collect or buy items.  Land on an empty space and a Random (often Fight) occurs.  Two players land on the same empty space and they can duel each other.   You level up as you defeat enemies, and lose equipment each time you die (and early, you die often).  The game has a variety of modes, from mini-missions that take 1-3 hours, to an entire campaign that can last 15 hours (each is savable and resumable at any point).

Hopefully that basic description gives you an idea of how the game plays.  Now, on to a few specifics.

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Detnap: “I can pick you up a sandwich at Jimmy John’s.  Or is there something you’d want more than Jimmy John’s?”

Me: “Bags of money.  Or Dokapon Kingdom.  Or Dead Space.”

Detnap: “How about something for lunch that is not a video game?”

Me: “But I sustain myself with videogames.  Food just tastes good.”

Detnap: “…”