pLayday: 3/4 – Call of Duty 4

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pLayday: 3/4 – Call of Duty 4

I know it isn’t split-screen (and online simultaneously), and not everyone owns it. But Halo 3 two weeks in a row seems a bit lame when most of us have this game. It’s a low hp, high speed match. Think Counterstrike. Larger maps a decent teamplay help a lot. Getting the drop on somebody generally leads to a free kill (much more so often than in Halo).

Experience gained in online matches also directly relates to new class skills, abilities, and guns. There is also a party system similar to Halo’s (though I have yet to use it). It should be fun.

There are many different types of game modes. If anyone has any info on them, or preferences for what we play, post away.

3 thoughts on “pLayday: 3/4 – Call of Duty 4

  1. We can probably start with a Free For All match or a Team Death Match to get everyone accustomed. They are instant respawning types with the simple objective of kill kill kill uav kill kill airstrike kill kill helicopter support.

  2. dandy. i haven’t checked out the party system much either, so this should be interesting. also, the auto update for cod4 just came out late last week i believe. i’ve only played one game to check out the new kill cams since then, which means that i ran around like a jackass trying to get people to kill me with grenades and airstrikes. the new grenade cam is all kinds of cool, but i haven’t seen any of the others yet.

  3. Turns out I have to make some phone calls for work tonight, so it doesn’t matter that Josh and I are CODless. Happy shooting!

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