pLayday: 6/10 – CoD4, The Musical Whi …

pLayday: 6/10 – CoD4, The Musical

While a Call Of Duty musical would be entertaining (Price’s mustache easily places him in the cast of several), we could just play some. I know Zazz recently found a cheap copy, and I hope we can get some more people who own it to show as well.

And we could also just sing as well…

I finally beat: Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare

Mile High Club

I finally beat: Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare

Last week, or perhaps 2 weeks ago, I beat CoD4’s single player campaign. After much trial and error, I made it through a particularly hard spot near the end, where you have just a few minutes to beat a level (and don’t receive checkpoints unless you reach it with at least a certain amount of time on the clock). A couple of ‘I’m a fish in a barrel’ hallways filled with enemies later and the credits roll.

But it’s not over. After the credits is one final, extra mission. A mission where you must traverse through a plane filled with terrorists who can shoot through your cover within a 1 minute time limit. And the entire reason this article has been delayed until now. Did I beat it? Or did I give up after playing the same ONE GOD DAMN MINUTE OF MY LIFE FOR FIVE FUCKING HOURS?

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pLayday: 3/4 – Call of Duty 4

CoD4 Price

pLayday: 3/4 – Call of Duty 4

I know it isn’t split-screen (and online simultaneously), and not everyone owns it. But Halo 3 two weeks in a row seems a bit lame when most of us have this game. It’s a low hp, high speed match. Think Counterstrike. Larger maps a decent teamplay help a lot. Getting the drop on somebody generally leads to a free kill (much more so often than in Halo).

Experience gained in online matches also directly relates to new class skills, abilities, and guns. There is also a party system similar to Halo’s (though I have yet to use it). It should be fun.

There are many different types of game modes. If anyone has any info on them, or preferences for what we play, post away.