Boondock Saints 2

What? Theres a Boondock Saints 2? Yup. Assassins Creed 2 is probably better.

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Evangelion: 1.0

Title: Evangelion 1.0
Release: July 17, 2009
“There was no foreseeable warning before it happened — a catastrophe of unparalleled scale and magnitude overwhelmed the entire globe. This event, recorded in history as “The Second Impact,” caused half the population of the Earth to perish and devastated the world. All that remains of Japan is Tokyo-3, a city that is now being attacked by giant creatures that seek to destroy mankind. These creatures are called Angels. Fourteen year old Shinji Ikari is called to Tokyo-3 by his father who he hasn’t seen in more than eight years. He is asked to come to the NERV headquarters to meet his father. His father reveals to him a gigantic humanoid weapons system that the special governmental agency has secretly developed to fight the Angels and then orders Shinji to pilot the giant artificial human Evangelion Unit One. With the fate of the world resting on his shoulders, how will the 14 year old boy Shinji fight? Wht is the truth behind “The Human Instrumentality Project,” an operation somehow related to the “Second Impact”? And who is the true enemy? The Angels, NERV, the mysterious SEELE, or the demons held within the hearts of the people involved? Gendō Ikari, a man who holds many answers to these questions, watches silently and attentively as his son fights a desperate battle…”

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Movies: District 9 and Apple Trailers




I will def. be seeing “District 9” August 14.

Apple Trailers also has some hot movies. Check em’

Shadow Physics Deluxe

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From Kindergartner to Rocket Scientist

Uncharted=Earl Grey. (Earl Grey is not my cup of tea)


I have an xbox 360. That is more than enough for my gaming needs. Sure, there are a few titles that are exclusive to the PS3, but they are mostly avoidable giving the length of time an average person has to live. I can only play through so many games so even if I do miss a few big titles, it’s not a problem because my list of games is ever increasing, not shrinking.

Recently though, I picked up a PS3, partially due to its media playing abilities. I’ve ranted against the PS2 and the PS1, even though I’ve owned both, so the PS3 would be no different really. I don’t have anything against it technically (unlike the PS1 and PS2 which were weaker in terms of pure 3d hardware than their contempories) but I felt the expense and the bumbling Sony did during launch did detract from it.

Now, I think it’s a solid system, and in a closed ecosystem (ie, none of my friends have a 360) I would say that it’s nice. It has a few advantages (bluray) and a few things missing (media center extender) compared to a 360, but I would be able to live with it.

Now, one of the exclusives that I keep hearing about is this Uncharted. Continue reading

World War Z. A Post Modern History of the Zombie Invasion


Zombies are fun. Recently, there have been a lot of good material where zombies have re-entered our lives. They are so delightfully cliche that no matter where you see them, there is a familiarity that is enjoyable. Between Walking Dead and Left 4 Dead, that’s a lot of different mediums with Zombies. You would think that a “history” book, without all its fancy pictures and graphics would be left out of the zombie fun, but we see that books can still be enjoyable.

World War Z is an oral history of the Zombie invasion. Written by the same author as the one who wrote The Zombie Survival Guide, this book is based on the premise that a Zombie Invasion had happened, and in the aftermath, someone interviewed various survivors of the event and recorded their stories. It is a great concept and he gives his characters their own unique personalities. While I was reading though, I always had the author in the back of my mind.

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Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack – Sale

I delayed posting this, just because I assumed those interested would buy it, and others would pass.

But, some may be missing out.  Originally 800 points, it was reduced to 600, and now on sale for 400 for a couple more days.

This is needed to play on a variety of the ranked playlists in Halo 3.  I’ve got it, and definitely enjoy the maps they included.  While I don’t like the price point of these map packs (at $10), Bungie has stated they aren’t giving this one out for free.  I tried to dig up a link on it, but haven’t found the statement.  (And I’m posting this in under 2 minutes).

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Games for Windows Live 2.0

Interesting.  Microsoft has finally released the GfW Live client as a stand alone application.

Anyone had a chance to try this out yet?  Can you message people on “their desktop”? What does their status look like when they boot games or applications, Live enabled and not?  How does it handle simultaneous logins (xbox and idle on windows)?  Messanger integration (unlikely)?

Guess I’ll have to test this out later.